A Queer Person of Color (QPOC) is a person of color who identifies by other sexual orientations or gender identities other than heterosexual or cisgender.

QPOCs have lived throughout history in places where non-white people have been in the majority, and have had experiences with non-heterosexual or non-cisgender identities which are documented in artwork, writings, languages and oral traditions, long before European and West Asian colonizations or Abrahamic religious expansions began in earnest.

Intersection of discriminations and oppressionEdit

Queer people of color, many of whom have gained from expansions in civil rights for both people of color as well as LGBTQ people, also have faced the historic brunt of institutional biases and personal abuses against themselves as both people of color as well as LGBTQ peole.

Moreover, due to the intersection of both identities, QPOCs face institutional challenges from both straight/cis POCs as well as European-descended LGBTQ people, and are frequently targeted for racist, homophobic or transphobic violence. The late historian Allan Berube documented the phenomenon of mental and cultural associations of gay and lesbian identity with perceived whiteness and upper-class status, and the impact of such associations to both the betterment and detriment of LGBT rights movements; blogger Josh Friedberg cited the lack of change from such a status quo over a decade later.

QPOCs in art and mediaEdit

As in other popular creative mass media, QPOCs are severely underrepresented in positive LGBTQ-related media.

Pornography and erotic mediaEdit

Most of the porn trafficked on the Internet, both heterosexual and homosexual, are photographic works which primarily depict White, European-descended participants in a wide variety of positions and activities.