The Race version of the Bechdel test is a media analysis test which evaluates the presence and viability of POC characters in works of fiction. Based on the Bechdel test, an analysis tool which evaluates the depiction of women characters in works of fiction (coined by Alison Bechdel in her comic strip "Dykes to Watch Out For"), both tests seek to criticize the institutional bias of most modern works of fiction and their creators.

Version proposalsEdit

A number of "Race versions" have been proposed by various critics.

Johnson versionEdit

Alaya Dawn Johnson, blogger for The Angry Black Woman, puts forward one proposed "Race version":

It has to have two POC in it...
  1. Who talk to each other...
  1. About something other than a white person.

Ars Marginal versionEdit

RVCBard, writing for Ars Marginal, puts forward another proposal:

  1. At least one named character of color...
  2. Whose primary trait is not their race...
  3. Who does something important besides help a White person.

Other versionsEdit

Several proposals were offered in the comments of a 2008 Racialicious post by Latoya Peterson.