Sword-and-soul refers to works of fantasy fiction which are set in ancient or medieval African culture, mythology and traditions. The main characters are always (or almost always) of African descent.

The genre of sword-and-soul has only started to grow in the 20th and 21st centuries, partly inspired by "Sword-and-sorcery", a trope of fantasy fiction which is almost always set in Dark Ages-style European culture, folklore and traditions.

Sword-and-soul worksEdit


  • Meji, by Milton Davis
  • Meji 2 (2009), by Milton Davis
  • Imaro, by Charles R. Saunders
  • Imaro 2: The Quest for Cush (1984), by Charles Saunders
  • The Trail of Bohu (1985), by Charles Saunders
  • Dossouye (2008), by charles Saunders
  • The Naama War (2009), by Charles Saunders
  • Dossouye: The Dancers of Mulukau, by Charles Saunders
  • Timbuktu Chronicles, by Anthony Kwamu
  • Once Upon A Time in Afrika, by Balogun Ojetade
  • Changa’s Safari, by Milton Davis
  • Changa’s Safari Volume 2, by Milton Davis
  • Woman of the Woods, by Milton Davis


  • Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology, by Milton Davis and Charles R. Saunders
  • Griots: Sisters of the Spear, by Milton Davis and Charles R. Saunders
  • Ki Khanga, by Milton Davis and Balogun Ojetade

Graphic novelsEdit

  • Sword and Soul Adventures, by Kris Mosby
  • The Chronicles of Piye, by Richard Gaskin and Chris Miller
  • Dusu: Path of the Ancient, by Sebastian A. Jones and Christopher Gardner

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